The importance of theservices offered by a purchasing agent

It's a mistake to think that a purchasing agentwill only able to assist during the price negotiations involved when buying property. You should and can expect much more from us!  

Market value determination

We always try to clarify the realistic marketvalue determined by us for you as much as we can. Unfortunately, it is oftennot possible to use references when doing this, because of the often uniquenature of the property concerned and its specific characteristics. A knowledgeof the local market is essential, because of which an accurate market value canonly be determined by professionals that experience properties like this on adaily basis. We are pleased to take on this challenge for you.

The (legal) ownershipsituation

All legal aspects are identified in detail,including any easements, perpetual clauses and/or special charges, restrictionsor obligations.


A structural survey by an external specialist always forms part ofthe purchase process.


As you might expect, we always strive to achieve the very bestpurchase result for our clients.


Statig Wonen is a target-group oriented property agent, because of which it has just one clear focus: selling exclusive property. Our entire sales policy is geared towards providing potential buyers in this segment with information in a way that meets their expectations. Quality is a choice!



A knowledge of the market is essential when buying a new property, particularly if the property you are interested in is unique. Obviously, its technical condition will always need to be established too; we bring in an external surveyor to do this and then translate the outcome into consequences for the purchase process.


Marketing plan

A presentation on Funda will not be enough to reach the entire target group for property in the higher segment; far more is needed. The sale of your villa, country house or penthouse requires a sound marketing plan too. We prepare a specific marketing plan for each property in consultation with the seller.