Landgoed - De Zegge 6, Heeze

€ 1.750.000 - Kosten koper

bath rooms
bed rooms
living spaces
parking spaces

originally built in
rebuilt in
68120 M2
land size
402 M2
house size
1432 M3

Horse stable

Outdoor kitchen








Situated just 10 minutes by car from thecentre of Eindhoven, this unique country estate with private lagoon standsproudly on a property of over 68,000 m². The estate includes a spacious mainhouse with elevator, a generously sized guesthouse that is also ideally suitedas office / practice space, and two recreation cottages. Three meadows alsoadorn the property, each beautifully enclosed with white hardwood fencing,stables and a hay barn. Inside the main house, the custom-built cabinets andcupboards have all been finished by an interior designer. A huge coveredterrace can be found at the rear of the house, offering magnificent viewsacross the lake and the rest of the estate.

General features:

  • This object is classified as an estateand is classified under the Dutch Estate Act (NSW). This status is attractivebecause of the subsidy possibilities and fiscal advantages. For example, you donot pay real estate transfer tax, you can take advantage of gift andinheritance tax, and the estate is rated lower for the Valuation of ImmovableProperty Act (WOZ);
  • The main house is fully equipped with custom-built interior work;
  • Due to the presence of an elevator, the building is ideally suited forelderly or less mobile persons;
  • Excellent opportunities for home office or practice;
  • Suitable for carer's home and/or double occupancy.

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