Market valuation
It goes without saying that we try to make the fair market value as clear as possible to you as much as possible. It is often not possible to use references because they often concern unique objects with specific characteristics. Knowledge of the local market is essential. Determining a correct market value can therefore only be carried out by parties who deal with this professionally on a daily basis. We are happy to take on this challenge.

The ownership situation (legal)
The legal aspects are carefully mapped out, including any easements, perpetual clauses and/or other special charges, restrictions or obligations.

An architectural survey by external specialists is always part of the purchase with us.

It goes without saying that we try to achieve the best possible purchase result for clients.

Notarial transport
We will of course accompany you to the notary. Before you go to the notary, we will inspect the purchased property with you so that you can sign with confidence.