Statig Wonen is a target-group oriented property agent with one clear object in mind: to sell exclusive property. Even in today’s property market – which the media has referred to as ‘overheated’ – it is not always easy to sell the more expensive properties on the market in our region. With this in mind, it is essential for sales policy to focus on providing potential buyers in this segment with information in a way that meets their expectations. So, not just via Funda but also social media, our own distinctive website and international network and our presence at lifestyle events. We create the opportunity for us to arouse the latent buying need that visitors have, which we primarily do via our network, our magazine and various events aimed at the target group. Although their current properties might often still be perfectly suitable for their particular needs, our distinctive and surprising presentations enable us to fulfil an unspoken wish. Experience shows that this target group is not made up solely of active property seekers on Funda or other sites.

Seller information
We set out the entire sales process in advance, summarising it in a marketing plan. One source of seller information is our Statig Wonen Magazine, a lifestyle magazine in which our clients – and our clients alone – have the opportunity to present their properties. We are also able to organise everything necessary to promote clients’ properties, ranging from complete films with actors to the fitting of a whole new interior: the sky’s the limit. Interim evaluations, immediate feedback after each viewing and possible interim changes to the sales process are all part of the services that Statig Wonen provides.

Buyer information
Prospective buyers can rely on plenty of attention from us and all the time they need to view a property. Viewings can even be scheduled outside office hours too, in consultation with us. At the end of each viewing, potential buyers are always presented with a luxury hard-cover brochure: this never fails to surprise them. All of our brochures are put together by an external advertising agency and include photos taken by a top photographer, who is well-known from various luxury national magazines, amongst other things.

This and other special touches ensure that buyers and sellers alike are provided with the very best level of service, as you would expect in this segment. Our motto: “Excellent personal service as standard”.