Statig Wonen® brokers is a target group-oriented brokerage organization and therefore has only one focus; sale of exclusive homes. Even in this overwrought housing market, which has been labeled by the media, it appears that selling more expensive homes in our region is no sinecure. A sales policy aimed at providing potential buyers in this segment with information in a way that matches their expectations is therefore essential. So not only through Funda, but also through a distinctive website, Social Media, an international network and representation at lifestyle events. Particularly through our network, our own magazine and the various events that match the target group, we create the opportunity for ourselves to stimulate the latent buying needs of visitors. Often their current accommodation is still fine, but our distinctive and surprising way of presenting allows us to fulfill a silent wish. Our experience has shown that this target group is not always active searchers on Funda, for example.

Seller Information
We visualize the entire sales process at the start and actually summarize this in a marketing plan. One of the components of this is our own Statig Wonen Magazine, a lifestyle magazine in which only our clients have the opportunity to present the home. In addition, we can organize everything to promote your home. From complete films with actors to having a new interior fitted, nothing goes too far for us. Interim evaluation, immediate feedback after every viewing and possible interim adjustment of the sales process are a matter of course for us.

Buyer Information
All prospective buyers can count on more than sufficient attention and time during viewings. In consultation we also plan viewings outside office hours. At the end of each viewing, the candidates are always provided with a luxury hardcover brochure. Each time this presentation turns out to be a surprise for potential buyers. This brochure is compiled by an external advertising agency and supplemented with photos taken by a top photographer, known from various luxury national magazines, among others.

Both buyers and sellers are served as optimally as possible by the above, which is something you can also expect in this segment. Our motto is therefore “Extraordinarily personal”.