Marketing plan

For example, Coca-Colahas been known worldwide for more than a century and is still sold everywhere. Yet they spend an enormous amount of money on advertising in all countries every year. In our country we see that almost all major retailers and supermarkets still deliver brochures to you on a daily basis to support sales via websites or shops.

We know from experience that the well-known Funda is often insufficient to sell the homes in this niche market, which is why we have invested a lot in recent years in, among other things, an active policy on Social Media, membership of international real estate networks, sponsoring target-group-oriented sports activities and events and the continuous development of a distinctive website. A mix of all the aforementioned facets significantly increases the chance of a successful sale.

Our experience is that the sale of a special home in the higher price segment requires much more than just a placement on Funda!